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The Ultimate Super-Size Crash Course (includes Downward-Progression 4X, Progressive-Speed 4X and TORQ)

This is it—our most exciting e-book yet. The Ultimate Super-Size Crash Course is your blueprint for packing on extreme mass fast. Jordon Williamson was the beta-test subject who slapped on 18 pounds of muscle in only 12 weeks (190 to 208) on the program--no steroids! It worked so incredibly well because it's based on the science that you have to do more than just lift heavier weights to grow to your ultimate size.

You'll learn how to build every hypertrophic constituent so your physique morphs into a seam-splitting mass of shredded, eye-popping muscle. Getting stunning results should NOT take years, as you'll soon find out--you'll get massive at warp-speed by combining Power POF, 4X, Downward-Progression 4X and TORQ (tension-overload repetition quantity). Check out Jordon's before and after pics taken over the summer after his senior year in high school--very motivating and proof of just how effective this power-packed program is for jacking up your mass--without drugs. You'll get the complete program he used--2 different super-size workouts--PLUS an alternate that fuses the new Progressive-Speed 4X with other less-joint-stress, hyper-hypertrophy methods (perfect for older bodybuilders who no longer can or want to train ultra heavy but still crave more mass). You'll also get Jordon's Super-Size eating plan. And speaking of eating, as a BONUS you get author Steve Holman's new 2-Days-On, Muscle-Up, Fat-Gone Diet. See his 8-week retooled-physique results with this controversial meal-by-meal plan that melted fat and built muscle simultaneously (his before and after pics are here too). It's also know as the "Rollercoaster Size-and-Shreds" Diet because it can up your muscle AND rippedness at the same time with only 2 "diet" days a week (perfect for winter or summer!) From the training to the eating to the motivation, this e-book is jam-packed with ground-breaking, mass-making stuff guaranteed to put some serious freak on your physique!

Easy to understand. Simple to follow. Guaranteed results--or your money back!

Price:$19.00 only $10

(E-book includes complete, printable workout templates.)

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UPDATED: 4X MASS WORKOUT 2.0 (Now With New Tension-Overload Method)

•RE-IGNITE a huge surge in muscle hypertrophy after you've stalled on ANY other routine—it's a PROVEN mass method verified by top bodybuilders, stress researchers and muscle physiologists.

•Reach the critical GROWTH THRESHOLD--it's how the pros of yesteryear got big and ripped without overtraining--use their techniques to accelerate your anabolic drive no matter what your level of experience.

•Get size acceleration with SUPERSATURATION—fast muscle expansion that rapidly hypertrophies the key mass fibers without overtraining--you use medium poundages for less joint stress as you grow bigger and more muscular.

•Learn from Bodybuilder X, who trained with many of the top pros of yesteryear and used these techniques to build a massive physique—he reveals how to take these special methods and make the best muscle gains of your life, even if you’re drug free. Exciting mass-building info from decades of experience!

•5 complete 4X mass workouts, including our popular Direct/Indirect program, a Basic 4X mass workout, a limited-equipment home-gym version and even a beginner workout. Any of them will give you a stunning blast of new muscle mass!

•3 NEW chapters and 2 new workouts that include the Tension Overload Repetition Quantity method. TORQ is quick high-rep 3X sequences that trigger ultimate mass by pushing the growth threshold into the high-end of hypertrophic tension time (60 to 90 seconds--something most bodybuilders never get). Plus, the Rotation for Mass Creation chapter includes a 9-week phase-training Itinerary that has you hitting a different 4X and TORQ workout every 2 weeks for huge size gains.!

Easy to understand. Simple to follow. Guaranteed results--or your money back!

Price: $24.00 only $10

(E-book includes complete, printable workout templates.)

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NEW: Pre-Ex 3X Mass Workout

Here's your ultimate Density-Intensity program to get you big beyond belief. You'll learn how to...

•Use quick workouts to crash through your Growth Threshold--condense overload for full-muscle supersaturation and super size!

•Pack on mega mass the Mike Mentzer way--but without drugs or burnout (how he did it, but how you should alter his HIT tactics for better, faster growth)

•Trigger double-barreled muscle-fiber attacks for extreme hypertrophy--including drop sets and rest/pause add-ons for myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic expansion

•Modify the Pre-Ex 3X method so that supersets are NOT necessary--best for crowded-gym training and/or shocking change-to-gain workouts

•Upgrade to the Perfect Mass-Building Split—get total recovery for new size and fullness; also, how to refine and realign weak muscle groups (bigger arms, rounder delts, etc.)

•Ignite blast-furnace fat burning--rev your lean machine with upticks in growth hormone to testosterone to mitochondrial and metabolic momentum.

PLUS, you get 3 complete workout programs, even one for home training--all with the built-in Positions-of-Flexion mass method. Workouts take less than one hour and are designed for full-throttle, over-the-top muscle growth!

Easy to understand. Simple to follow. Guaranteed results--or your money back!

Price: $27 only $10

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The X-centric Mass Workout

Negative-accentuated, or eccentric, training has been shown in study after study to have incredible muscle-and-strength-building power as well as fat-melting after-effects--if used correctly. One Ph.D. calls it one of the fastest ways to trigger "extreme hypertrophy:

“The overall effect of extreme hypertrophy is the enlargement of the major muscle masses AS FAST AS SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE.”

This e-book shows you how to harness that super size-building power, using it in power-density workouts that will have your muscle growth exploding. It works big time. See how one 60-year-old man added a full inch of muscle to his arms with X-centric workouts in only two weeks!

Plus, you get 3 complete X-centric-style programs, one basic but brutal quick-hit routine, a direct-indirect program and a hardcore home-gym workout for a basic-equipment setup. You can use our X-centric methods with or without a partner. This e-book is a guaranteed growth getter! Easy to understand. Simple to follow. Immediate results!

Price: $39.95 only $10

(E-program includes complete, printable workout templates.)

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The X-traordinary X-Rep Workout

Five years after the discovery of the amazing X-Rep method, it returns with a mass-building vengeance! In this new e-program you'll learn how to merge X Reps with the latest size-building methods and discoveries. We also give you the best of the best X-hybrid tactics you can use to get huge (and complete workouts with all of the above included)!

First you'll get a complete X-Rep overview that explains how top pro bodybuilders have used X-Rep methods, like one Austrian Oak who dominated bodybuilding. We'll explain his X techniques that built his dominating physique. Plus, we'll give you an inside look at recent Mr. Olympias’ X tactics. We roll all of that into two new fast power-packed mass workouts:

1) The Basic X-traordinary X-Rep Workout is quick 30-to-40-minute sessions based on the single best exercise for each muscle--but the unique way you train these key exercises, based on new scientific discoveries, is what makes them so incredibly effective at triggering amazing size effects.

2) The X-traordinary POF X-Rep Workout has all of the above, PLUS the full-range fiber activation of Positions of Flexion infused with the best-of-the-best Ultimate X-hybrid mass techniques for each key exercise (these are the essential mass tactics that have helped trainees pack on more than 10 pounds of extra muscle in only a few months!).

Chapters include:

•You Gotta Try This! How the Pros Pack On Extreme Mass

•Building Super Size With the Mass Monsters

•Arnold and X-Rep Training

•High-Intensity Power-Density

And more!

According to John Balik, IRON MAN Publisher and Arnold Schwarzenegger's former training partner, “X Reps are the single most important muscle-building concept to come along in years.” And now we've remastered them so they're even more power-packed at slapping on mass.

You'll see and feel immediate results with this motivating and easy-to-understand e-program--and it's less than the price of an hour with a personal trainer!

Price: $29.97 only $10

(E-program includes complete, printable workout templates.)

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The Ultimate Power-Density Mass Workout 2.0 (Now With Super-TORQ)

We've updated this classic best-seller. Now it includes a full-length interview with Mr. America Doug Brignole on his amazing Super-TORQ method. It will get you growing like crazy because it pushes your muscles into the high-end hypertrophic tension time--60 to 90 seconds, which most bodybuilders never get. You'll also get Brignole's complete Super-TORQ program that has him packing on mass like never before--and he's over 50 years old! Talk about motivating!

We've also taken Super-TORQ and fused it with standard heavier training for a Power-Density mass workout for size and strength. Plus, we give you our personalized Super-TORQ routine that we adapted from Brignole's, but with fewer sets (you'll see why when you read the NEW and updated chapters).

Now with 6 complete programs...
1) Quick-hit Basic Power-Density Mass Workout
2) Positions-of-Flexion Power-Density Mass Workout
3) Mr. America's Super-TORQ Program
4) POF Power/Super-TORQ Mass Workout
5) Our Modified Super-TORQ Program
6) Home-Gym Power-Density Workout (with optional TORQ)

Plus: The ideal repetition speed you should use to get huge, the 3-way mass effect for multi-pathway hypertrophy, how workout density will supercharge your size-building (we got 8 pounds of muscle with this in only 8 weeks) and a big Q&A section on POF, TORQ and Arnold's training.

Easy to understand. Simple to follow. Immediate results!

Price: $24.95 only $10

(E-book includes complete, printable workout templates.)

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The Ultimate 10x10 Mass Workout

30-to-45-minute workouts, 4 days per week, using the Ultimate Exercise for each muscle (complete printable programs)

•Based on a top Hollywood trainer’s secret weapon for whipping movie stars and top bodybuilders into muscular shape in record time.

•The Heavy/Light 10x10 Workout, with full-range multi-angle mass workouts alternated with one-exercise 10x10 programs

•Q&A on everything from X Reps to supplements to 10x10 and fat-loss

Renowned bodybuilding and Olympic strength coach writes, “To say this program adds muscle fast is an understatement. Gains of 10 pounds or more in six weeks are not uncommon, even in experienced lifters!”

Winning drug-free bodybuilder says, “I was able to gain 17 pounds of muscle drug-free—contest weight from one show to the next—in less than nine months using [the system].”

Easy to understand. Simple to follow. Immediate results!

Price: $24.95 only $10

(E-book includes complete, printable workout templates.)

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The Texas Shredder Mass Workout

How to Grow Like a Drug-Free Pro. Dave Goodin recently won his IFBB Pro Card without the use of anabolic drugs--ever! He is lifetime drug-free. And now he shows you how--you get all of his secrets in this incredible info-packed e-book...

•Bodybuilding 101--2 complete beginning programs, in case you're just getting started or coming back from a layoff

•Shredder Off-Season Mass Workout--Dave's three-days-a-week power-bodybuilding program to get you big and strong fast

•Shredder In-Season Muscle-Detail Workout--Dave's contest-prep program, four-days a week for a ripped, massive physique

•Shredder Ripping Diet--Dave's secrets on how you can get down to 3 percent bodyfat--as your muscles continue to grow large, full and vascular!

•Powerlifting Shredder Style--his three-days-per-week alternate off-season power program to send your bench press, deadlift and squat poundages through the roof! (Dave has won 4 Texas state powerlifting titles and drug-free national championships.)

•Shredder Supplements--the ones that really work and how to use them (no B.S. here--Dave is 52 years old, so he only takes what builds muscle and burns fat safely)

•Shredder Q&A--Dave covers warmups, training to failure, rep-range variation, best rest between sets, ab-etching methods, low-carb vs. higher-carb diets, the best cardio method and staying motivated.

Dave's keep-it-simple strategies will have you growing bigger and stronger than you thought possible. You'll see and feel immediate results--and the price is less than one training session with him. Prepare to grow like a drug-free pro!

Price:$24.99 $12

(E-program includes complete, printable workout templates.)

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Eric Broser's Power/Rep Range/Shock Workout

Efficiently attack every facet of muscle hypertrophy with different workouts each week so you grow like never before...

•POWER Week--heavy-iron, lower-rep workouts that zero in on the type 2A and 2B muscle fibers fast. You get incredible strength stimulation with high-threshold fiber activation.

•REP RANGE Week--smart-bomb workouts that directly target the intermediary fibers by running the rep table--lower reps to higher reps produce skin-stretching pumps and supersaturation to lay down another layer of mass.

•SHOCK Week--blast-furnace workouts that incorporate high-intensity tactics so your muscles have no choice but to grow to survive the onslaught; your muscle fibers expand and your anabolic hormones surge!

The tri-phase mass-building system is fully explained with a printable template for every workout--12 in all.

Drug-free pro bodybuilder Kyle Harris says, “The P/RR/S program completely accounts for all the different muscle-building avenues from hormone release, fiber-type activation, metabolic stimulation, satellite cell proliferation and neural overload. It unlocks all of the gates to growth!”

Easy to understand. Simple to follow. Immediate results!

Price: $24.99 $14

(E-book includes complete, printable workout templates.)

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Eric Broser's FD/FS Mass-Shock Workout

“Warning: For those who are afraid of stretch marks, cannot afford to purchase a new wardrobe or simply don't want to take up more space, you may as well stop reading now!” --from the intro of The FD/FS Mass-Shock Workout e-book

Eric Broser is a drug-free pro bodybuilder whose training principles and abilities are legendary. His latest e-book is packed with info, tips and workouts honed from years of research--and they are guaranteed to get you BIG and STRONG FAST! Here's what you get...

•Serious Size Specialization Programs to ignite a super blast of new muscle mass in only 3 weeks.

•Mass AND Strength--from satellite cell fusion to myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic expansion, FD/FS gives your muscles gargantuan growth from all possible pathways.

•Two-Phase Bodypart Routines--first you pound the key muscle fibers, then you kick-start recovery and hypertrophy with supersaturation sets. The mega-engorgement will shock you--and your muscles into anabolic overdrive.

•Complete Recovery--you train only four days a week, each bodypart once every seven days; the intensity of FD/FS makes this extra recovery mandatory to send your muscle size and strength through the roof.

Includes printable templates for every workout, an FD/FS Q&A section and feed-the-machine nutrition tips.

Easy to understand. Simple to follow. Guaranteed results!

Price: $19.98 $19.98 $14

(E-book includes complete, printable workout templates.)

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